Laundry detergent ecologic

Laundry detergent

250 ml
3.45 €
14.45 €
Ecological liquid detergent for all types of clothes, white and colored. Concentrated and formulated with highly biodegradable and environmentally friendly plant-based ingredients, it effectively removes difficult stains, such as red wine, chocolate, grease or tomato sauce, even at low temperatures.

Enzymes included in its formula help to remove stains and prevent color transfer, keeping your clothes white and bright colors after each wash.
Free of sensitizing substances.
Preservatives free.
Fragrance Free.
Colorants free.
No phosphates, no glycol ethers, no phthalates.
Plant-based surfactants, sustainable with RSPO certificates and selected for their low level of irritability.
Parabens free
and hypoallergenic
Effective at low
temperature 30°C

Producido por
Etiqueta Ecológica Europea
Producto con certificado Ecolabel
Reduced impact on aquatic life
Reduced use of hazardous substances
Modo de empleo
For best results, sort clothes by colour or type of fabric. Select a low temperature program and follow the dosing instructions.
Aqua; Glycereth-17 Cocoate; Sodium Laureth Sulfate; Sodium Citrate; Propylene Glycol; Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside; Tetrasodium Iminodisuccinate; Enzimes; Optical Brightener; Citric Acid;